Welcome to Java Programming

Welcome to Java Programming

Basics of Java Programming

Welcome to Java Programming Here we are going to learn Core Java as well as Advanced with Java Concepts

In this chapter we will learn about Java Overview and why we need to study Java

History of Java Language

The Java programming language started in year 1991 for the project of Green Project. the Dream of this Green project is to create a new portable language. The original name of the language is OAK
OAK means a tree. Later the name changed to the Java
Java was first published in the year 1995
There is a slogan for the Java at the time of release which is “Write Once Run Anywhere”
ie., If you wrote Java program in the one platform like windows so that you can run it any other platform like WINDOWS ,UNIX, MAC or any other which can have Java Virtual Machine in it.

Different versions in the Java

First Release:

As we said in previous lines Java was released in the year 1995 after that many versions are released by Sun Micro systems with the latest features.

JDK 1.0:

This JDK 1.0 was released in the year 1996 with the latest features supporting wide range of Application Development tasks.

JDK 1.1:

The next update of Java which is JDK 1.1 released in 1997 with the improvements of Object Oriented concepts Inner-classes,RMI(Remote Method Invocation) and JDBC

Java SE 1.2:

Here Java renamed as J2SE(Java 2 Standard Edition) in the year 1998,with the features of Swing graphical API for Desktop Applications,Collections Framework & also JIT compiler,Java plugin was released.

J2SE 1.3:

This version released in the year 2000 having the features of Java Sound API, Hotspot JVM,Debugging feature.

J2SE 1.4:

Next to the 1.3 in the year 2002 J2SE 1.4 was released with the new tools Logging API,XML,Java Web,IPV6 and Regular expressions.

J2SE 5.0 (or)Java 1.5:

It is the major update released in the year 2004, In this update New feature called Generics was implemented,Enumerations,Metadata concepts.

J2SE 6:

Java 6 released in the year 2006,improving performance of Data Base connectivity, Graphical Programming concepts.

Up to the year 2010 Java didn’t released any new update and In the year 2010 Oracle acquired Sun Micro Systems.

Java 7:

In the year 2011 Java 7 was released with the minor features like Accepting Strings in Switch cases,Try catch improvements,underscore in the numeric literals.

Java 8:

Java 8 or J2SE 8 released in the year 2013 with the some new concepts such as Lamda Expressions.

Java 9:

Java 9 or J2SE 9 not at released, from the Oracle news it is expected to be released in the year June 2017.

Next to know about Java

  • Java is not a Easy language and also not a difficult language too
  • Java language is not used for building Windows mobile applications[C or C# with Visual studio platform] and Iphone

Check are you eligible to learn Java.

The first thing you have is Interest in learning the new language then next if you know the basic concepts in the programming like knowing what is a variable,what statement means,function , how the conditions work in the programming ,what an assignment operator will do..etc

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